Meet the Social Amp Team

Matt Sunbulli

Co-Founder, CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO, Matt drives Social Amp’s growth and is chief ambassador for Social Amp’s Open Graph solutions. Previously, Matt worked at MTV Networks where he launched several digital products, including MTV’s first video blog, and fostered the proliferation of social media on Matt was a financial analyst and management consultant and holds a B.A. in economics from Northwestern University.

Marvin Avilez

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of Social Amp, Marvin contributes 15+ years of software, strategy, operations and new media expertise to Social Amp from a host of roles at companies including Macromedia, Apple, Oracle and RespondTV. Marvin has logged 14 years in the Marine Corps Reserve and served around the globe as a counterintelligence (CI) specialist.

Alex Chang

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Alex develops applications and is the architect of Social Amp’s platform. Previously, he served as an engineer with and Alex is well-recognized in the Facebook developer community and is an on-going contributor to think-tank and start-up projects such as The Hotlist. Alex is a semi-professional gamer and enabled Starcraft addict.

Our Advisors

Esther Dyson


Esther is a longtime investor in and advisor to a host of innovative startups including Flickr, Powerset, Vizu, Meetup, 23andMe, Airship Ventures and Eventful. Over the years she has written a book (Release 2.0: A design for living in the Digital Age – 1997), trained as a cosmonaut in Star City near Moscow, published her entire genome online and worked with nonprofits including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ICANN (domain name policy) and the Sunlight Foundation. Currently she writes a monthly column for Project Syndicate/ and travels widely to keep in touch with her many projects worldwide. Her current new investments are mostly health-related, but she made an exception for Social Amp.

Mike Brown


Mike is a Founder and Partner at AOL Ventures where he focuses on early-stage investing in consumer internet businesses. There, he and a team of investment professionals vet seed and Series A opportunities for investment in content, advertising, mobile and localization products.

Sinan Aral


Sinan holds a PhD in Information Systems from MIT and is a Microsoft IBM faculty fellow and faculty member of the Information, Operations and Management Service Department of the NYU School of Business and affiliated faculty at MIT. A Fulbright Scholar Alumni, Sinan is a PopTech fellow and noted expert in measuring and managing e-commerce and WOM marketing in online networks.

Shaun Abrahamson


Shaun is an investor and advisor with Mutopo Ventures. He holds a Master’s of Science from MIT and an MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. In addition to early-stage investing, Shaun’s mission is understanding the process of new-product development and “Causing Mass Collaboration.”